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Quality German Electric Heating

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Where Would You Benefit From These German Chamotte Core Heaters?

These can be used anywhere where you have a heating problem, be it cold areas due to existing heating system being inefficient, costly or both, or a new extension or conservatory where our heaters which simply “plug in” can save a lot of time money and disruption in trying to extend an existing system.

The main problem area today,we find, is old fashioned storage heaters, where owners on a dual  tariff are often penalised with unfair electricity prices and the lack of control and high energy use can give rise to excessive electricity bills.

So where  is your problem? Click on the button for more information on how we might be able to solve it!

Storage Heaters

Cold Spots



Replacement for Oil and Gas Systems

Storage H Cold Spots Extns Replacement Conserv.

Next:- Sizes and Prices:- What size of heater will suit you best?

Although most people prefer our standard pearl white colour (ral1013). We can supply your heater  in any colour.