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Elsco Heating The Science Controls Uses Sizes & Prices Gallery Testimonials Downloads About Us Contact Us
Elsco Heating

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Price of German Heaters


They are not expensive either.

Our heaters are  efficient, powerful and well crafted German technology.

We believe they represent exceptional value for money, with prices similar to what you might pay for modern replacement storage heaters.

We buy the BEST heaters from the ORIGINAL German manufacturer of Chamotte clay core heaters, a family company that started in Germany in 1946.

We have seen many times, examples of people paying as much as twice our prices for an inferior quality product. Please don't be one of them.

Our seven plus years in business with hundreds of happy customers across Scotland (and England & Wales) is testament to the quality and value for money of our German heating.

So what DO they cost?

Prices vary depending on the size of the heaters. You will know that it is important to get the right size of heater for the room. Our prices vary  from as little as £670 for our smallest, (excluding any delivery or installation costs if required).  For the many people with old storage heaters our prices are comparable with getting a modern replacement, but with the benefits of better quality of heat, more control and lower running costs.

 If you took a mixture of large and small for a house, an average heater cost might be around £800 We have found this is a fairly accurate average cost. So if you multiply this by the quantity of heaters you require you should get a realistic budget figure for your requirements. For example 5 heaters might cost about £4000.

Delivery is usually extra and is a one off charge irrespective of the quantity. (We deliver once whether one heater or six).  However watch out for our special offers, where we will often deliver for free. Some  suppliers will simply arrange a carrier to drop a very heavy pallet on your doorstep. At Elsco, if we deliver ourselves, usually the case with  most  orders, we will deliver each radiator to the correct room unpack it, put it together and ensure you have a fully functioning heater before we leave. Its all part of the Elsco service!

So now you know the score and wont get any unpleasant surprises. We don't publish a price list as we want to make sure that everyone gets the right heater for the job. This is so important.

If you undersize a heater for a particular room, you might at times  be cold and it might not switch off as often as it should, meaning it would be less economic to run. If you need a price for a specific heater, give us a phone and we will be happy to tell you.

Beware! Some companies selling this type of heater, mainly based in England, wont tell you and will insist on a home visit. We don’t. We are generally  happy to make a free no obligation visit your home and work out your requirements if you so wish. (Some areas we cant always manage a home visit due to geography, but please ask). It will probably give you more peace of mind as we can make suggestions on location as well as size. But if you want to simply sort it all out on the phone or by e mail we can do that, no problem.

A point to ponder…. You buy heating once, you pay to run it for ever, so you need to get it right.



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