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Savings in the region of 40% using German Chamotte Heaters

So what can you save on your heating bill using these heaters? Its a good question and quite a difficult one to answer, but we will give it a go.

Were going to do a comparison with storage heaters as the majority of our customers are storage heater owners wanting to replace them with something more efficient and controllable.

Things to consider here:-

An average size living room would normally have a 3.4KW storage heater, our equivalent German heater is usually 2.0KW

THTC  Total Heating Total control is the most common tariff for storage heaters in Scotland.THTC can be on between 5-12 hours per day in Winter (see our page on storage heaters). Were going to assume an average of 8 hrs per day and compare with a German heater on 16 hours per day. Our heaters work best on a standard tariff so we are comparing SSE  tariffs looked up on the Internet  June 2017. Tariffs may vary slightly depending on your geographical area.

Here goes:-

So potential savings of over  a third without taking into account factors such as the  heating would probably  not be on 16 hours a day. Everyone is different, some people may take the opportunity of having a warmer room which could  reduce savings.

The largest and probably most expensive supplier of German Clay Core Heaters in Britain show on their web site, using different calculation criteria, a potential saving of just over 40% which ties in with our calculations

We have had several established  customers who have now used our heaters for a few Winters, told us they have saved in the region of a third on their heating costs and achieved a considerable improvement in comfort level.

So you are paying more for your electricity per unit, for heating and it still works out cheaper, you are also now paying  the same rate for all your electricity (now on a single single tariff) which means we are saving money all the time on what we would have been paying on THTC   ( 17.59 pence per unit  against 21.90 pence  THTC standard tariff  a massive 19.6% saving! . So you will also save on your non heating items, cooking, lighting, TV  etc.

But you can save even more! If you are on THTC you will be with SSE (Scottish Hydro) with no other energy suppliers offering  an equivalent system,  it is not possible to change. When you have changed to a standard supply with SSE (very easily done), you can then shop around.

SSE are by no means the cheapest. Check out alternatives here A quick look shows you can get rates of 14 pence per unit and lower  which would give you an additional saving of in the region of  20% over and  above what you have already saved.

Remember everyone and every situation is different but we hope that this has given you a feel for what savings could potentially be made and we haven't even considered the savings due to controllability, for instance how often over the year is your storage heater on when it didn't need to be … our heaters don't have that problem!

What if you have gas or oil systems what could the savings be? Click below to find out


Heater Type








11.06 pence per unit

£3.01 per day

Elsco German



17.59 pence per unit

£1.88 per day

* Heater on for only 20 minutes in hour once room at temp



Gas and Oil

Please remember heating is usually by far  the largest part,  but not all of your energy bill. So do not expect your total energy bills  to reduce by this. You will need to look at LED lights and other measures to reduce  non heating  energy costs further.