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A new conservatory  gives that extra space and a nice warm environment when the sun shines..... but what happens when it doesn’t? Conservatories are notoriously difficult to heat, even if you have special glass, you will still have a higher heat loss than a well insulated room.

In the UK we tend to prefer first to spend on blinds furniture, flooring and then run out of budget for decent heating. Heating should be the FIRST consideration ahead of  ALL other parts of the conservatory. If it is too cold in your new room that costs thousands to  build, you are not going to be able to enjoy it.

In Germany they call conservatories “ Winter Gardens” because they expect to get the use of them throughout the winter period, which means adequate efficient heating is a top priority.

If you get your heating wrong it can have a bad effect on your new furnishings and cold and damp can set in. An oil filled radiator a fan or convector heater in a conservatory is like throwing pound notes through the glass. If they are too expensive to run inside the house just imagine how much they cost to run in a conservatory!

Now for the good news......  We have many happy customers using our heating in conservatories, not only do they benefit from low running costs  but they can use there new room - even in winter!. Comfortably, Economically , just like having another lounge addition to the home.

Most conservatories have low window sills to make the most of the view. As most chairs will be facing out towards the window then it makes sense to have your heating under the windows so you can benefit from the radiant heat. So we do special low level heaters to accommodate this.