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Savings using German Chamotte Heaters V Gas and Oil

Traditional central heating systems pump hot water produced in a boiler around the house and heat via radiators placed in each room.Some energy is lost in the boiler, some in the pipes supplying the radiators.  Apart from oil or gas as fuel, they also use electricity to power the electronics and pump. Systems require regular maintenance and have a limited life span.

Our heaters have no moving parts do not require maintenance and only use one source of energy, electricity.

So how can we compare running costs. Well its difficult. Many people try to compare cost of ownership which is not only the running costs but the life span of the product and the additional costs of maintaining it over a period. On this basis we have a huge advantage as our heaters don't require any ongoing maintenance and are incredibly reliable.

So we win hands down on these points , but we are not going to even consider this  in this exercise.

Below are figures published in the Press & Journal based on information from a company called Sutherland Tables who supply totally independent  information on heating costs

You will see in 2010 Natural gas was the cheapest for heating an average 3 bedroom house in the UK. However in 2011 Gas went up twice as much as electricity which meant it was roughly level in cost  with traditional  storage heaters and with Oil and LPG (calor gas etc) being considerably more expensive

On the previous page we showed a potential saving of 40% on heating costs using our heaters compared to storage heaters. Therefore it is not unreasonable to assume that our heaters can give similar savings over natural gas and potentially much  larger savings over Oil and LPG gas.  Of course prices fluctuate but this is  probably the simplest and most straightforward way of  giving you sufficient info to consider it as an option for your future heating. If you also happen to have solar panels then using electric makes even more sense.