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Heating Controls are so important.

The importance of having the ability to control your heating  precisely cannot be overstated. So many heaters have  inefficient or non existent thermostat and timing controls. There is no point having a super efficient heater if you have no means of controlling it.

All our heaters come with top of the range thermostatic controls. These can range  from a simple knob on the side of the heater to  a wireless thermostat and timing control which even gives you the option of  controlling your heating via an app on your smart phone from anywhere in the world.

We have found over the years the majority of people prefer the simple control, used in conjunction with a simple plug in wall timer. To find out  more details on each control type click on the  appropriate picture opposite.

Simple dial thermostat on side of heater- the most popular option Click picture for more info

Wireless control - great for the more technically minded.Click picture for more info


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 Wireless Operation - Thermostat and timer separate

The heater(left), has no inbuilt controls apart from the receiver fixed at the bottom

This connects wirelessly to the thermostat which controls timing and temperature..  It has various settings enabling complete control of your heating.

This can also be connected to the Internet for control of your heating from anywhere in the world via a app on your smart phone. Connection is via your home router which is connected to the Tydom 1.0 unit shown below.

tydom 1.o installation instructions.pdf Radio Controlled hermostat.pdf


    Tydom 1.0 Unit (1 needed per house)                    £295     Receiver/ Thermostat Package  (per radiator)          £195

 £100 Discount on  Receiver thermostat package when  bought as part of  new radiator (per radiator)

 Prices exclude any delivery costs.                                                                      

Radio Controlled Receiver.pdf

Click on any picture below  for full installation instructions

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 Simple Operation - Thermostat on Side of Heater with plug in wall timer

This is our most popular  thermostat arrangement by far. The thermostat (left) is simple to operate. When the red light is on the heater is using electricity when its off it isn't!

Despite its simplicity, this is a top of the range electronic thermostat with incredible reliability. The combination of this  thermostat with the simple to use but effective wall timer (right) gives absolute control over your heating needs

This is is useful in holiday lets, bed and breakfasts and small hotels. The thermostat (right) is simple to operate and incorporates an on /off switch. When the red light is on the heater is using electricity when its off it isnt! This incorporates a secret stop on the thermostat control which means the maximum temperature can be set. So that visitors cannot just turn it up to full and use huge amounts of electricity!  So if you wanted a maximum setting of three. The thermostat can be set so  it wont turn past three

The black nib  protruding down from the  bottom of the radiator is the sensor for the thermostat. This is where the temperature is measured. It  is the optimum point in the room to measure the room temperature. The coldest  air is attracted to the radiator by the warm air rising through the body of the radiator.

Using this as the base point to set the temperature can help to ensure an all round cosy heat and reduce draughts at feet level                                                            Click anywhere to return

Eberle thermostat set.pdf