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Cold Spots in the room or Supplemental Heating

You might already have heating in the room but have a cold area you need to warm up. Our heaters, supplied on feet,castors or for wall mounting can solve this problem. The integral thermostat will ensure that it is only on when needed. Once the cold spot has gone it will switch itself off.

You might have a wood burner or an open fire to keep your warm room, but what if you don't want to bring in the sticks or coal everyday but still want a warm room? Our heaters are the answer. The Heater would usually be specified as being capable of heating the whole room., So you don't need your fire, but as soon as you light your fire the room will start to heat up and the thermostat will automatically switch the heater off.  Using your wall timer you could ensure that the room was warm when you came home from work. If you want to light your fire you can, if not then you are still nice and cosy.

A supplemental heater on castors can be moved around the room and from room to room as required

A cold spot!