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Heating Scotland from Elgin & Glasgow  Tel:-  01343 819676    E Mail:- info@elsco.co.uk

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Gas and Oil Wet systems

 There is no point ripping out a perfectly good working oil or gas central heating system unless it is on its last legs. If this is the case then please get in touch and we might be able to help with your options.

Our heating is probably much more cost effective in terms of running costs but there is no point incurring the outlay cost  on an alternative system unless you need to.

You may want to supplement your existing system with one or two of our heaters though, this may help with cold spots and enable you to keep your main heating system switched off for longer as Winter approaches and switch it off sooner as we move into Spring.

If you are thinking of changing you will save on energy costs, maintenance costs and replacements. An average boiler lasts 10-12 years and require constant maintenance,. Our heaters have no moving parts, maintenance free  and should last for many years.

More info here on comparative gas and oil systems

Gas heating will be banned in new homes in the UK from 2025

Another reason to go electric!