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As the worlds natural resources continue to dwindle, substantial investments are being made in wind, solar, tidal,  wave energy and nuclear....what will be this  future??  Its electric! 

A WARM welcome to Elsco Heating

Elsco Heating have   been supplying  powerful. cost effective heating systems throughout Scotland and the Islands for over five years from bases in  Elgin, and  Glasgow.

You are probably looking for these benefits from your heating:-

This web site explains all about our German heaters, Most heating systems rely on rising hot air (convection) as the main method of heating, our systems rely more on radiant heat, which  gives a better heat at less cost . Our websites explain why.

These radiators although relatively new to Scotland have been hand crafted in Germany for many years.

This site will give you an insight into this remarkable product and how you can benefit from using it. We explain the basic principles and why  we believe this is one of the  the best heating system you can currently buy.

These electric radiators LOOK like normal radiators, but they are far from normal!


Incorporating a  series of refractory clay blocks and utilising a unique fluted design surface,  tests have shown  these radiators handle the heat much more efficiently than conventional radiators

More technical info here....

  Elsco Heating Ltd  2017

Relying so much on volunteers, it is important that we keep them warm during the cold  winter months. These heaters from Elsco have been great! We have high ceilings , these heaters, producing so much more radiant heat are helping to keep the heat lower down where it is needed. The service and quality  of staff at Elsco wasn't too bad either!!”   A.W. (Moray Food Bank Elgin)

We don't hide our prices like some fact we are proud of them… just ask!

1) A cosy comfortable warmth in your room.

2) Efficient conversion of electrical energy to heat to help keep your utility bills low.

3) Control over that heat with  efficient thermostat and timing control.

4) Value for money energy costs  We recommend Cheap Energy Club to check your current  rates and see if you can do better Click here for link



No unwanted phone calls from us. Click on phone for more info

At Elsco Heating we  offer  our customers products we believe are second to none. We always endeavour to give the best possible service and be courteous at all times, helping  our customers  find  a product which will best suit their needs.

We respect our clients privacy and will not make unwelcome  phone calls  or harass  our customers  in any way.

We are happy to answer any queries from you which we will do as honestly and accurately as we can, but we wont bother you with unwanted phone calls ….so please call us!

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Now in our 6th year!